New Name, Same Necessary Work

Reflecting on our amazing journey at Donations for Dignity, we stand at the crossroads of significant milestones. Each of these moments has brought about profound transformations. We've touched countless lives in ways we could never have imagined, providing over 3,400,000 hygiene products and period dispensers to K-12 schools, higher education, cities, counties, food banks and food pantries across Colorado. As we look back and survey the future, we can't help but marvel at the incredible path we've traveled.

For me, personally, this year marked a significant anniversary—a milestone I never thought possible. Thirty years ago I was told I had just six months to live. Defying all odds, I’m here today, embracing life with gratitude every single day.

A pivotal moment occurred three and a half years ago. The challenges of the COVID pandemic led me toward a new mission of compassion and empowerment. An encounter with a local food pantry struggling to provide period products for their clients sparked a transformative evolution.

“I vowed to break barriers and shatter taboos, transforming access to essential hygiene products.”

Throughout meetings with organizations, individuals, business leaders, and elected officials throughout Colorado, one thing stood out, “just is, is not enough.”

Since late October 2020, we have accomplished so much from hygiene drives, a statewide study on hygiene access, spoken to groups, sponsored a mobile food pantry with hygiene products, ensured that kiddos in Colorado with serious medical issues had access to the necessary hygiene products, advocated to have state tax removed from period products, diapers and incontinence products.

Reflecting on who we are, and our mission of awareness, education and ensuring our neighbors have the items that are just necessities, brought us to realizing we wanted our name to reflect on our focus, because we understand that what just is, is not enough.

Justice Necessary, will continue the charge of providing access to quality, eco-friendly products, raise awareness and foster education, empowering our neighbors to thrive with the dignity and pride that all deserve.

Today, we stand united, ready to delve deeper into our mission, continue the work of conquering challenges, celebrating milestones and we are thrilled to have you join us on this next chapter of our inspiring journey. Together we can change just is to justice!